Premier Academy's International Training Opportunities

Welcome to Premier's International Training Opportunities for elite athletes between the ages of U14 to U21. Premier is serious about building strong relationships with Professional Clubs around the world to provide unique opportunities for Canadian soccer players in British Columbia.

Note: These opportunities are ONLY for Premier Academy players and not offered to players outside of our Academy or High Performance Teams. 


ABC F.C. in Natal, Brazil


Why ABC F.C. ?

ABC F.C. is an established club in Natal, Brazil. ABC F.C. is FREQUENTLY State Champions and often do well in Serie B. ABC believe in youth development and are providing Premier Academy with a great program that is exclusive for only our Academy. Premier athletes will experience 30 days of training with the Residency U15 or U17 Team. Three meals a day and have a comfortable resort to stay in only 5 miles away from the training grounds. The players will also be provided the opportunity to watch ABC's first team play in home matches. 


ABC F.C. Facility

Everyone remembers the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and how much the beautiful country prepared for the event. The city of Natal and the Club ABC F.C. got the opportunity to go under some major changes and construction. The Club got a new stadium and new facility to prepare for the World Cup event. 


City of Natal, Brazil

The city of Natal is a large tourism destination in South America and one of the main vacation hubs for Brazilian residents. The city is ranked #1 for safest in the country. Natal is a port city, which means the pro club is under 5km from the beach. In Premier's opinion, if your going to experience training in Brazil, and brazilian culture, food and the landscape then Natal, Brazil is the best option. To read more about Natal, Brazil please click on the "Learn More" button below.


Chievo Verona - Italy


Why Chievo Verona?

Chievo Verona is a Serie A Italian club in the Northern city of Verona. Their youth development system and infrastructure is perfect for North American youth development. The training experience includes:

- 30 Days of Training
- Chievo Room & Board
- 6 Technical Sessions per week
- 5 Fitness Sessions per week
- 2 Italian Lessons per week
- x2 Training Kits
- Tickets to see the Chievo Verona Pro Team
- 24 / 7 Chaperone
- Airport Shuttle Service


Chievo's Training Facility

Chievo Verona's training facility is a new infrastructure built in order to provide the necessary tools for an athlete to grow as a individual. The city of Verona is considered one of the most beautiful and safest in Italy.


City of Verona, Italy

The city of Verona is in the north region of Italy, approximately 180km from Milan. Athletes will be surrounded by beauty & culture in-between training sessions and will have plenty of opportunities to experience tourism activities.