Announcement: Premier Academy is now recruiting 2009 to 2002 born boys and 2006 to 2004 Girls for future Team Programs

Premier's Academy Team Program

Premier's Academy Team program is a full-time, player development program unlike any other in the Tri-Cities of British Columbia. The program is designed to maximize a player’s potential on and off the field through a professionally designed: Pre Season, In-Season, and Off-Season philosophy linking the technical, tactical, physical and psychosocial. Our mission statement at Premier Academy is to prepare players for post-secondary soccer environments either in USA or in Canada. If a player has all the ingredients for professional trials, Premier Academy uses its network to setup over-sea training environments, trials or post-secondary “gap years”.


University Pathways

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 Program Outline

The 12 month program is designed in order to develop cognition, competence & character. We break down the year in three main seasons that follow any University or Professional Sports Program. The break down consists of an Off-Season (November to February), a Pre-Season (March / Spring Break), and Season (April to October) with a brief break in mid summer to allow the players to rest & recover.

Pre-Season:  March
- Objectives: Preparing the team for their season campaign -

High Frequency Outdoor Training Sessions
Strength Training
Season Preparation - Positional Play / Tactics / Set Pieces
Friendly Games

Season - April to October
- Objectives: Team Cohesion, Learning how to apply principles of play in games, learning that winning is a by-product of proper development, mastering their position(s) -

Training 3 times per week
Academy Super League - ASL
Friendly Games - Lower Mainland, Victoria Island, Okanagan, & Washington State
Game Film & Video Analysis using Hudl Software -
Local or American Tournament(s)
Annual Portland & Seattle Game Tour
Professional Photography -  & @iulia.agnew
Team Building Sessions
Team Dinners
Games @ Swangard Stadium, Burnaby

Off Season: November - February
- Objectives: Injury Prevention, Strength, Cognition & Technical Development using a futsal environment -

Morning Futsal Sessions (x2 per week)
YPFL Futsal Games -
Twist Conditioning Sessions - (x2-3 per week)
Weight Training Curriculum for Soccer
Team Building Sessions
Futsal Tournament or Jamboree

Academy Training Gear Items - What You Will Wear!

**Other Training Items Are Available At Additional Costs**

Premier Staff

Shawn Agnew - Founder & Owner / Operations Director / Team Coach
Duvan Souza - Team Coach / Head Goalie Coach
Endre Szilagyi - Team Coach
Willon Fragoso - Academy Sports Manager
Iulia Agnew - Academy Photographer / Social Media

Professional Facilities

At Premier we have created high standards in everything we do, including where we operate our sessions. We operate sessions mainly on grass fields and only use turf when it's necessary. Our organization is one of the few in British Columbia to include a proper futsal program for our players which includes all the necessary futsal equipment. Premier rents Swangard Stadium for games to allow players to experience a stadium environment and a flawless pitch. We hire specific SAQ instructors for their conditioning program and have University Professors build the player's weight training programs. Premier goes the extra mile to implement team building sessions at unique locations where a guest instructor conducts a session that focuses on: creating a winning / competitive mentality, build confidence and disciplined aggression, learn about teamwork & accomplishing a task in a small to large group, and finally fitness (Aerobic & Anaerobic).

Global Training Opportunities
Premier's staff have experience playing local and abroad and know that many player's dreams are to train with professional clubs in South America or Europe. At Premier we are establishing a network of connections to provide players with the opportunity to train for 30 days during a specific time of the year. The purpose is for them to continue their soccer learning & development, prepare for University or a professional trial, or even to gain some additional life experience. This opportunity is designed for a specific player with professional motivation and drive to reach his/her full potential. 

Player Management
An aspect of a professional youth development program is player manager. A significant area where parents completely miss the value of proper professional guidance for the player's youth career, mentality, and physical and mental approach to their training and games. At Premier we guide the player through their youth career by working with them on and off the field. This includes: nutrition & hydration, rest and recovery, school grades, sleep habits, field position, their specific role on the team, leadership skills, and isolation skills and exercises to do on their own. However, since Premiere is an actual Academy and want all our athletes to reach their full potential, our staff navigate them using written projects & assignments. This means: short and long goal settings every year while using the S.M.A.R.T. technique, and player assessment reviews. Premier athletes conduct homework projects on professional clubs, University applications, and the difference between all the Collegiate options.
(NAIA, NCAA, Canadian USport & Junior Colleges)

Academy's Sport Manager - Willon Fragoso
Willon is our sport manager and is originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In Brazil, he was a director of a popular news channel and a sports journalist for soccer. Willon works behind the scenes not only for the Academy but for the players. He has a large background in video editing, journalism, and graduated BCIT for Sports Management. At Premiere you are not another number that just takes part of the organization, but a player with name and our client. The player's success on and off the field is Premiere's success and we strive to reach the player's short and long term goals, whatever they might be.

Life's Core Values
The infrastructure of our Academy is designed to implement life's core values where the player can learn & take away from the Academy and sport in order to apply them to everyday life & their future career. This might include: self-awareness, self reflection, ambition, hard work, discipline, being punctual, respect, team-work, communication with peers / instructors (boss), leadership skills and how to lead, passion, accountability, professionalism, integrity, desire to learn, being positive, sportsmanship, being patient, being coachable, resilient, having a positive attitude, and helpful to others. 

Partnerships & Sponsors
One of our Academy objectives is to work with other businesses in the local community. At the moment we are developing relationships with restaurants, barber shops, car dealerships, coffee shops, supplement stores, other fitness establishments.

Our current sponsorships & partnerships are: Popeye Supplements in Coquitlam, Twist Conditioning in Port Coquitlam, GIS, ABC F.C. in Brazil and 30 Minute Hit Capilano, Innova Orthodontics in Port Coquitlam, Above Grade Level Tutoring in Port Coquitlam/Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge, and LOCAL Real Estate.

Premier Soccer Academy is inspired by specific training hubs around the world (some listed below). These specific hubs is where our curriculum comes from. We are proud to say that our curriculum is not only modern but specifically trains the player's brain to execute their technical and what their position demands from them. Remember, the brain function of the player and its decision is what fires the feet to operate. You must train this way in order to have any success on the field. 


Refund Policy

- Please note that this is a season long COMMITMENT, no refunds will be provided once the program starts

- a pro-rated credit will be provided if the player sustains a long term injury that prevents him/her from training until the end of the season

Note: a doctors note has to be provided to premier’s staff and premier’s staff must agree on injury’s recovery timeline

- if a player registers and later decides to cancel before the start of the season/program, there will be a cancellation fee of $250

- training gear cannot be refunded or exchanged once ordered


For details regarding this particular program or our age brackets for this program please call our Technical Director
(604) 787 - 3976 or  email: