Premier Academy Injury Protocol - Return To Play Guidelines

Step 1 - Let the coaching staff know about the injury, location to body, how it happened and pain level or swelling level

Step 2 - If this is a new injury, Premier coaching staff will provide a RED TICKET to the athlete and contact Coast Therapy to book you an appointment that is covered under Premier’s Physiotherapy budget. Coast Therapy will contact you within 24 hours.

Step 3 - Coast Therapy will provide treatment, and at home exercises to do - please do these twice per day

Step 4 - Return to training is monitored by Coach Shawn, Coast Therapy and the Team’s physiotherapist Shawn Swartz

Step 5 - Attend training where we will slowly increase training load % and when the player is ready, will be introduced to limited minutes within a training game or league game.

Note: A player MUST not ask to play games when they have not seen a professional practitioner. They must receive treatment, return to training and follow the return to play guidelines.