Premier Soccer Academy

Strength & Conditioning Program

Bigger – Faster – Stronger

Our strength and conditioning program is hyper focused for players U15 to U23. They will receive multiple strength and technique assessments throughout their 12 month season. Academy players are provided online modules using the app JUST COACH. This allows them to have a custom tailored program to follow in school, at home or come into the studio on a paid program for extra training.


The Academy uses Rogue Fitness equipment ( Rogue is made in the USA and considered the leader in fitness equipment, weights and overall quality. They are the official sponsor of the Crossfit World Games.

Academy Equipment
Rogue Squat Rack w/ Accessories
Rogue Olympic Bar(s)
Rogue Olympic Plates
Rogue Dip Bar
Rogue Dogsled w/ Accessories
Rogue Plyometric Boxes
Other Items
SMRT Adjustable dumbbells
Two Adjustable Benches
Female Olympic Bar
Curl Bar
TRX & Strength Bands


We are located in the heart of Pitt Meadows, BC


Shawn Agnew

Jessica Marano


Milad Shahboudaghian

Price Break Down

1:1 Session – $60
Group of 2 – $40 per
Group of 3- $30 per
Group of 4 – $25 per

* All Training Sessions Are 1 Hour

Donation Form

If you are considering donating money to our club, please use the following payment information:


Password:  soccer

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